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I just had to check out Jeff Avery. He’s the guy behind Penny Stock Sniper.

Here’s a man who has a track record with these types of impressive gains:

alerts CCRY – 196.9%

OPTT – 243.63%

VODG – 200%

ITMV – 203%

SOUL – 393.33%

BIZM – 266.67%

FITZ – 2,153%

You can’t ignore those kinds of results. It’d be foolish to chalk it up to just luck. And that why I decided to review his stock picking service for you.


Jeff’s service centers on alerting investors regarding promising penny stock picks via SMS and email.

Jeff’s attitude is pretty controversial. He advocates avoiding what he calls “the CNBC mindset”. He prefers to focus on opportunities which are either too small for CNBC to care about, too controversial or just too off-the-beaten-track.

Examples of these would be the well-vetted marijuana stocks that were popular early on and more recently ebola stocks. There are some major gains being racked up in those areas.


“Your time is better spent researching under-the-radar stocks if you know how, because there’s a superior return on investment. Gains of 100% and more in a short period of time are frequent.” Jeff said.

Jeff went on to say “Yeah, I like to swing for the fences. Not because I always hit homeruns, but because I increase the likelihood of hitting singles, doubles and triples.”

I asked him about risk. His reply?

“Yes, OTC stocks ARE more risky. That’s a given. But that risk can be substantially mitigated with appropriately set stop limits. When you think about it, the downside risk becomes negligible compared to the sky high upside.”

Watch Jeff’s video now

You’re a fit for his service if you want to increase your gains. You’re also a fit if you want quicker results.

What’s quick? Usually anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, although some like the company True Religion climbed over a longer period of time.

Where his service really shines is for investors who don’t have the time or inclination to do the research themselves yet still want the results penny stocks can provide.

Jeff elaborated “I’ve been told I’m a stock research fanatic. But maybe more importantly, I’m also a news fanatic. I’m usually within a day or two of seeing an opportunity and jumping on it.

“Now, not every opportunity is worth pursuing but that’s not the point, is it? The point is you have to have your finger on the pulse of things to do well.

In lieu of that, you have to have someone who DOES have their finger on the pulse. That’s what makes my service different. I personally do the work. I don’t have a staff of analysts who filter or interpret things for me.”

“What I do isn’t secretive or exclusive. Everything you need to know is on the Internet these days. It’s the mere fact I’ve done it for years, I know where the highest quality information is and I have a knack for doing it that gives me the results which others struggle with.

“Look at it this way. 98% of the stock analysts are getting their newsfeed from the financial media establishment—WSJ, IBD, Barron’s, Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg, even Motley Fool.

“It’s not news, it’s predigested propaganda masquerading as news. It can be struggle separating fact from spin. The unfortunate part is by the time you read it, profits have already been taken.”

I like what’s Jeff’s doing.

He’s definitely filling a void when it comes to serving up opportunities most of us either don’t see or don’t have time to see.

Is there anything I don’t like?

Yeah, I wish he’d send out more picks, more regularly.

But I get it. He’s got a reputation and all. No sense in sending out picks just for the sake of sending them out.

When you think about it, his proposition is pretty attractive. Basically, it’s “let me write this review for you.”

You can learn more about Jeff’s unique method and results here:

  • First, every month Jeff analyze thousands of promising stocks to find the dozen or so destined to become the next breakout winners.
  • Next, Jeff alert you by email or text message about a particular stock I’m confident is ready to deliver a big windfall.
  • Then, you just pull the trigger. That’s as easy as logging into your stock brokerage account and buying the stock for whatever amount you want.

Now, Jeff could sort all of those stocks by hand to find the best possible opportunities for Penny Stock Sniper members.

But that would be crazy. There’s tens of thousands of companies that trade at penny stock pricing levels. There’s just too many to do by hand without taking weeks or even months to do it.

That’s why Jeff had a software version of his system developed to do the majority of the heavy lifting for him. It takes into account everything he used to do himself to find these future winners, but it looks on a global scale. What would normally take him weeks to do by hand, this software can handle in a matter of minutes

It has a really good track record for narrowing down the playing field.

But as great as the software is, it still takes someone who really understands what to look for and that’s him.

Out of that short list of stocks his system turns out, Jeff still take the time to analyze each one personally. There has to be something that really has to catch his eye besides just a low share price.

It may be an emerging market or a breakthrough technology. It may be new management or a licensing deal. It may be a stock with a fascinating story behind it.

Of course, He won’t leave you guessing. he’ll share his research with you and tell you why he believe the stock is set to skyrocket in the days ahead.

But you don’t need to study his research to make more money. You just need to pull the trigger on any of these under-the-radar stocks he turn up before they skyrocket.


How Often Does Jeff Send Out Alerts!

You’re probably wondering how often Jeff will alert you. He keep in touch about once a week. Once a week, you’ll be able to get in on the action.

He’ll always give you a heads up, so you can get funds in place and be ready to deploy.

And then when he say “Go for it!”, just pull the trigger for whatever amount you think is appropriate.

once you sign-up for Penny Stock Sniper, Jeff is going send you alerts two different ways to double-ensure you get them:

First by email. Then by text message to your cell phone, if you want.

A couple days ahead of time, Jeff will give you a heads up. So you can get prepared and be ready to enjoy your own financial bonanza.

How Much Does Penny Stock Sniper Cost?

For a One Time Fee of $97 and 8 Week, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time during 60 days you are not happy with Penny Stock Sniper, you can get all of your money back(This refund is also backed up by Jeff’s payment processor as well, which has a “no questions asked” refund policy to make sure you are completely protected). So Penny Stock Sniper is a Risk FREEproduct.

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